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Sharing knowledge ….saving lives!

International Teleconferencing enables clinicians across the continents to link up to discuss critically ill patients. We have extended our successful Clinical Think Tank and provided a forum for medical case based discussion between international teams. Our vision has created a telemedicine centre of excellence which delivers Intensive Care Physician expertise, with easily accessible specialist review and advice on complex cases. The opportunity to be involved in medical grand rounds provided by international clinicians.

Other clinicians based at University College Hospital, London collaborate to provide expert opinion to review radiology and images. It is also common to involve other specialities in Internal Medicine and Surgery depending on the case which is being assessed.

There is the potential to develop the telemedicine facility as a mechanism for education and knowledge sharing between centres, for physicians, nursing staff and allied health professionals, creating scope to forge academic links through mutual knowledge sharing and development of shared research objectives.


We utilise the successful Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) concept used widely in the review of complex medical cases in Intensive Care Medicine. This brings together our ITU team, with Radiology and Imaging and it achieves a number of outcomes:

  • A forum for the case review of complex Intensive Care Patients, bringing together renowned physicians from a world class London teaching hospital.
  • By working closely with the original clinical team, we produce a non-conflicting second opinion which results in a consensus medical opinion.
  • In a recent collaboration between the UCH team and a middle east healthcare system, 3 complex Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) patients avoided the additional burden of travelling to achieve treatment abroad.
  • The opportunity for family members to be reassured that all possible medical efforts are being made when patients are so unwell

Additionally:  The Clinical Think Tank has enabled the ITU teams to use complex cases for an educational resource.

  • Clinical professional development and educational opportunities.
  • Teleconferencing influencing the decision making amongst clinicians resulting in “best practice”.


Our expert Intensive Care Consultants are used to working closely with Intensive Care clinical teams around the world.  In addition to our successful Clinical Think Tank MDT case based meetings, we are frequently involved in individual discussions facilitated by our telemedicine link. This enables

  • Updates and follow up discussions after an MDT discussion
  • Advice on specific issues
  • Rapid ‘Live Chat’ responses during periods of instability.
  • Clinical professional development and educational opportunities.



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