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With over 30 years involvement in the evolution of critical care, our consultants have been involved in many design and building projects relating to Intensive Care Medicine, and we have developed expertise and a visionary design working in collaboration with design teams, architects and involved in the final construction of Intensive Care Units.

Our original experience at University College Hospital grew the size of the Intensive Care Unit from the original 9 beds to a final project creating a 35 bedded unit, one of the largest facilities in the UK today.

Our design interest has been continuously developed by concentrating on the immediate environment of each patient, evolving a patient-centred room which is also staff and family friendly, providing the ultimate environment for the critically injured patient.

Extensive knowledge of the optimal intensive care environment enables our consultants to advise on:

  • Design,
  • Content,
  • Information technology,
  • Staffing and, most importantly,
  • The patient experience.



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